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Researchers achieve world-first data transmission capacity for 5G and next-generation networks.
Researchers have developed revolutionary new robots that adapt to the culture and customs of the elderly people they assist.
Scientists have successfully measured zinc samples under deep-sea conditions. Their method could support sustainable extraction of raw seabed materials.
An EU initiative will help make safe autonomous driving a reality.
Better treatment options on the horizon for patients, as researchers engineer materials that could be used to improve medical devices and implants.
An EU project will deploy 10 new light electric vehicles in smart city Trikala to show citizens the benefits of driving three- and four-wheel electric vehicles in urban areas.
A new prototype allows motor sport fans to personalise their TV viewing experience with synchronised content on their mobile devices.
According to scientists, graphene can generate clock speeds that transcend today’s GHz limitations. Here’s how.
Lower costs, less wastage and higher-quality milk on the horizon for dairy farmers, thanks to a new optical sensor that scans for contaminants and proteins in 5 minutes.
An EU initiative will facilitate the production, storage and supply of hydrogen for a wide range of end users. It will help integrate green power into the energy system in a flexible way.
Researchers have developed a unique wind turbine that can be assembled onshore and then towed to its offshore location.
Latvia University’s Institute of Solid State Physics is on its way to becoming a hub for collaboration between science and industry.
A new interactive online platform helps to increase awareness of innovations in the bioeconomy sector.
In its first year of testing, the world’s most powerful floating tidal turbine has generated 3 GWh of electricity.
Researchers argue that cancer treatment protocols have the potential to benefit from game-theoretic models. Their work could help oncologists improve outcomes in patients with metastatic cancer.
Three EU initiatives take on the challenge of creating secure and smart technology – the backbone of a more reliable and connected world.
Researchers have achieved a new efficiency record in organic photovoltaic cells. The process could improve the production of new devices for energy harvesting and lighting.
A novel project to build a prototype ICT service facility got off the ground in Sweden. Its cost-efficient and energy-saving concept could be replicated in other EU countries.
A novel microbial detection module will help water distribution networks speed up the process of contamination measuring. This will lead to significant savings with real-time critical data.
Novel system achieves significant reductions in energy consumed for heating and cooling electric car interiors.
A new project harnesses Earth observation (EO) data to improve the quality of life in urban areas.
An agricultural robot harvesting sweet peppers will help automate labour in greenhouses.
Researchers conduct clinical trials and launch new non-invasive treatment programme for innovative Parkinson’s drug.
Website offers multiple new products and tools to study diseases spread by various insects and ticks.
Coordinated development of electricity infrastructure connecting offshore wind farms to land will bring financial and environmental benefits.
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