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A new study led by the University of Plymouth and funded through the EU-funded TRACY project has advised governments to do more to develop transport policies that allow those over the age of 65 to remain mobile and active.
As a debilitating heatwave, nicknamed ‘Lucifer’ by the press, currently engulfs southern Europe, a new study part-supported by two EU-funded projects has warned that a rise in global temperatures of three degrees would reverse Europe’s dedicated efforts to reduce ozone pollution.
Part-supported through the EU-funded RE-AGEING project, researchers offer population forecasting studies which encourage societies to break from outdated ageing measures and instead start categorising on how we live our lives.
The European Commission, DG XVII, has published the July 1994 issue of "Energy in Europe" on energy policies and trends in the European Union.The multilingual report presents a series of articles on energy policy and programmes in the European Union and in an international c...
New research led by Columbia University using multiple datasets, including those gathered through three comprehensive EU-funded projects focused on ageing, has highlighted how women''s cognitive functioning improves in countries that emphasise the importance of gender equality.
Part-supported through the EU-funded NUDGE-IT project, researchers have undertaken a detailed study which shows how obese people are able to crucially discount future meal times.
Against a backdrop of increasing concern about both obesity and depressive illness amongst European populations, an EU-funded study contributes pioneering research about the link between high-sugar intake and mood disorders.
The function of ecosystem services is to to label the benefits that humans derive from natural ecosystems and biodiversity in order to include their value into decision-making. The area is attracting much research, but a variety of definitions and underlying paradigmatic assumptions can pose a barrier to effective interdisciplinary research.
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