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Air quality and climate change in focus

A research network is being set up between Chinese and EU research institutions to advance our knowledge of air quality and climate change.

Climate change and air pollution are two of the most pressing social challenges today, and their relationship to each other is a complex one. To address these problems, decision makers require comprehensive and scientifically sound information about the air we breathe.

With this in mind, the EU is funding the 'Fate and impact of atmospheric pollutants' (AMIS) project, which aims to establish a research network that focuses on the study of air quality in a changing global climate.

Fourteen partners make up this new consortium: nine from EU Member States and five from China. These research centres contribute skills in field monitoring, laboratory measurement and software modelling.

AMIS is enabling research into atmospheric chemistry with a focus on persistent air pollutants, precursors of radicals and the sources, transformations and effects of aerosols, both natural and man-made. Altogether, this research aims at laying a scientific sound basis for future regulations.

On top of these research activities, AMIS consortium members will participate in workshops, training programmes and international staff exchanges. Overall, the project will promote global collaboration on atmospheric studies and address the looming challenge of climate change.

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