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By integrating energy management systems the EU funded BESOS project contributes to the efficiency and sustainability of ‘smart cities’, while further empowering citizens to make informed choices.
In the last Trending Science of 2016 (your writer will be ho ho home for the holidays by the time you read this), we’re reporting on three science-related Christmas stories that have hit the headlines this festive season.
Marmok-5, a new device using wave-powered turbines to generate up to 30kW of electricity, has recently been deployed at the BiMEP site, on the northern coast of Spain. The device produces enough energy to run a medium-sized business.
A dinosaur fragment trapped in amber for over 99 million years and complete with fossilised feathers has been found and, for the first time, linked to a non-avian dinosaur.
Astronomers have compiled 3 000 years of celestial records and discovered that with each passing century, the length of the Earth’s day lengthens by two whole milliseconds. This is because the planet’s rotation is gradually winding down.
An EU-funded Scottish-led team is using virtual coral larvae to test how well marine reserves can withstand climate change.
Researchers have discovered a strong association between El Niño-Southern Oscillation conditions in the Pacific to observed weather and dengue epidemics in Sri Lanka.
New research published by the EU-funded HURRICANE project has highlighted how the north eastern coast of the USA could be struck by more frequent and more powerful hurricanes in the future due to shifting weather patterns.
New research has shown that the West Antarctic Glacier, one of the largest potential sources of water that will contribute to rising sea levels, began thinning and retreat as long ago as the 1940s.
In 2009, a UK SME going by the name of Scubacraft introduced the world to their convertible speedboat/submarine. Seven years later, the project has been granted support under the SME Instrument, and the company is now contemplating new markets including offshore wind farm maintenance.
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