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The European Commission, DG XVII, has published the July 1994 issue of "Energy in Europe" on energy policies and trends in the European Union.The multilingual report presents a series of articles on energy policy and programmes in the European Union and in an international c...
New research led by Columbia University using multiple datasets, including those gathered through three comprehensive EU-funded projects focused on ageing, has highlighted how women''s cognitive functioning improves in countries that emphasise the importance of gender equality.
Part-supported through the EU-funded NUDGE-IT project, researchers have undertaken a detailed study which shows how obese people are able to crucially discount future meal times.
Against a backdrop of increasing concern about both obesity and depressive illness amongst European populations, an EU-funded study contributes pioneering research about the link between high-sugar intake and mood disorders.
The function of ecosystem services is to to label the benefits that humans derive from natural ecosystems and biodiversity in order to include their value into decision-making. The area is attracting much research, but a variety of definitions and underlying paradigmatic assumptions can pose a barrier to effective interdisciplinary research.
Shocking new research suggests that Western men’s sperm count has more than halved between 1973 and 2011, an average of 1.4 % per year. Scientists are still uncertain as to the cause of the dramatic drop but have argued that their findings must be taken seriously and that action must be taken to address what could become a major public health crisis.
Climate change is increasing water scarcity around the world and the inter-dependencies of global trade mean that the impact could ripple far and wide, including across Europe, as the EU-funded project IMPREX warns.
A new book written by the project coordinator for the EU-funded TRUST project, along with a former president of Iran, unravels the different meanings of dignity, as part of a wider effort to raise the bar for international research ethics.
Recent archaeological analyses of ochre finds in Ethiopia builds on a previous EU-funded project which discovered the emergence of symbols usage by homo sapiens, earlier than previously thought
Findings from the EU-funded ALP-AIR project indicate that current assessments of nitrogen oxide pollution from traffic are underestimated, by up to a factor of four.
A new study, building on a previously funded EU project, explores the influence of groundwater locations on East African ancestral survival, with the suggestion that they also acted as a spur for evolution.
If you are interested in the potential impact on the green economy of electric vehicles and the interoperability between their integration and power systems, then a newly updated book on the subject is up your street!
A study conducted in Finland has analysed the oral glucose tolerance tests of 1970 men and 2544 women in relation to their preceding three-year employment records. It found that men with high exposure to unemployment had a higher risk for pre-diabetes and screen-detected type 2 diabetes than employed men.
The latest research*eu RESULTS PACK– a collection of articles on EU-funded projects dedicated to a specific field of scientific research – is now available in free, accessible PDF. This brochure focuses on how innovative EU-funded research is delivering innovative solutions to increase green growth through resource efficiency and the move towards a truly genuine circular economy.
Anyone doing their best to get their children to choose a banana over biscuits might want to read on. Research supported by EU funding has fed into the development of a computer game that could help children to go for healthy snacks over chocolate and sweets.
Barriers on Europe’s rivers can improve fishing, be a source of energy and reduce the passage of invasive species, but they can also be a flood risk, interfere with migration patterns and fragment habitats. So what’s the best approach to reconnecting our rivers? One EU-funded project is providing some answers.
Imagine an online video whose content changes according to your gender, age and facial expression/emotions. This revolution is being made a reality by Italian SME Cynny with support from the MORPHCAST project.
If you are into movie and series-related apps, chances are that you’ve recently noticed a newcomer with mouth-watering features named Dive (into your movie and series). Something in-between Wikipedia, Shazam and Zalando, the app makes use of the microphone in your mobile devices to provide real-time information about the scene you’re watching, or allow you to buy the fancy shoes worn by your favourite actor.
Will we have enough fertile land to grow the food our increasing population needs? Is it possible to adapt food production to climate change? How do we define responsible research and innovation in relation to food security? An EU-funded project, which aims to encourage people to debate the issues and articulate their views, has just published a toolkit settig out the steps to maximise grass-roots engagement.
60 minutes shaved off the time it takes to travel by air is an attractive proposition and one that an EU-funded project is now eagerly working on. PASSME has identified stress as the biggest bottleneck and is currently developing solutions to make airports more passenger-friendly, including new approaches to the processing of baggage.
The EU-funded project NOPOOR has been contributing to the fight to eradicate global poverty, by providing a more in-depth empirical understanding of its root causes, and possible solutions.
One of the IT debates of the day surrounds the relative merits of data privacy vs. the need for law enforcement agencies to track criminal, online activity. One EU-funded project has set out to find a middle ground, by giving much needed tools to citizens and law enforcers alike.
Researchers from the EU-funded RATE project have studied more than one thousand press corps deaths across the world between 2002 and 2013. The results paint a stark warning that the deaths of journalists signal a dangerous slide away from human rights adherence and are a potent sign of growing political repression.
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