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An EU initiative has launched an online interactive data set of sustainable energy initiatives across Europe. The database could help policymakers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonise the economy.
According to engineers, root vegetables aren’t only good for the body. Their fibres could also help make concrete mixtures stronger and more eco-friendly.
Thanks to a resurrected 100-year-old box-wing design, aeroplanes of the future could carry more passengers, be greener and cost less to run.
Smartphone users can now collect important data from their gardens to help the battle against climate change and solve the planet’s hunger crisis.
Eight aero concept innovations point the way to 75 % less CO2 emissions by 2050.
In a new steel plant under construction, the waste gases generated in steelmaking will be used to produce an eco-friendly transport fuel.
What should Europe’s ports be like by 2030? Researchers choose 50 initiatives that will help shape the vision of tomorrow’s ports.
Personalised machine learning helps human-like robots interact with autistic children during therapy.
Researchers show that the brain can reprogram itself to control prosthetic substitutes as it does one’s own body parts. The more one-handed people use a prosthesis in everyday life, the more strongly their brain responds to it.
A team of researchers have shown that micro-size granular particles in plant cells behave like liquids when they respond to gravity. Their findings could pave the way for new engineering design and technological applications that mimic biological systems.
A new recycling method turns garments into biodegradable materials, paving the way for a more eco-friendly fashion industry.
Swedish company Coloreel announces partnership with Ricoh, the Japanese technology giant, to revolutionise the textile industry. The partnership will launch an EU-supported innovation which increases design options, improves production efficiency and minimises environmental impact.
A novel fully electrified car and passenger ferry will help efforts to decarbonise maritime transport. It will also overcome limitations in distances for such boats by targeting medium-range connections.
Researchers are making use of unarmed vehicles and robots to gather information and samples from crime or disaster scenes. Their initiative will help save lives.
A research team is helping robot developers design machines less likely to injure the humans they work with. How? With their novel ‘safety map’.
Companion robots will improve the lives of dementia sufferers and support their caregivers, thanks to an EU-backed project.
Researchers have demonstrated one of the perplexing features of quantum mechanics at a much larger scale. Their study could open doors for potentially revolutionary technologies like quantum computers and new kinds of sensors.
The drive towards energy-efficient electronics has led to new high-performance semiconductors on 200-mm substrates.
The first 5G testbeds have been launched in two European cities, allowing industries and smart city start-ups to test 5G applications citywide.
You may think that they’ve been around forever and you wouldn’t be wrong. Railway sleepers, the rectangular blocks that can be seen under railroad tracks, have not evolved much over the years. An Italian SME is looking to shake things up with a tailor-made, sustainable sleeper technology.
A new, wearable sensor tests pH levels in sweat, opening the door to needle-free monitoring of chronic conditions.
Researchers are developing a novel process for producing cellulose-based electrical insulation components. This method will reduce operating costs and labour time in manufacturing.
Researchers are assessing a new technology that harnesses the power of the ocean to generate clean and inexpensive electricity.
By implementing a next-generation network trial in Catalonia, the era of affordable internet for everybody is one step closer to becoming a reality.
Scientists have discovered thousands of huge black holes at the centre of the Milky Way.
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