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The latest research*eu RESULTS PACK– a collection of articles on EU-funded projects dedicated to a specific field of scientific research – is now available in free, accessible PDF. This brochure provides a detailed snapshot at the EU’s wide array of research interests with regards to the Earth’s marine environments.

The EU’s approach to maritime activities is centred on the inter-connectedness of marine-based human activities. Integral to this approach is a sensitivity of the fact that changes to one aspect of the system can affect others. Additionally, various authorities have been encouraged to cooperate, for example with the sharing of data across policy areas, which can result in more holistic risk assessments and solutions.

Alongside joined-up working, the key to success will be the availability of timely data, afforded by cutting-edge bio-sensors and automation advances, which can offer early-warning protocols. In tandem, there is a need to put into practice sustainability resource management principles, with approaches such as the recirculation or repurposing of materials.

A better understanding of environmental processes, biodiversity, the impacts of human activities (land-based and marine) and of climate change, including sea-level rise, as well as the socio-economic impacts of marine protection, requires a multi-disciplinary approach. As such, EU programmes such as FP7 and Horizon 2020 have been providing the necessary funding to exciting research initiatives across Europe, with this brochure introducing you to 12 projects that have pushed the boat out on gaining a deeper understanding of the opportunities that the oceans will bring forth over the coming years.

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All aboard for better marine stewardship through research and innovation research*eu RESULTS PACK

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