Supporting EU research on water and ice

The HYDRALAB research network has improved access to expensive equipment and facilities for water-related research across Europe.

Research into hydraulics, ice engineering, and other interactions between water and the environment is important in a world where water scarcity is a growing concern. The European research network HYDRALAB was formed in 1997 to give researchers access to expensive and in-demand research infrastructure.

The EU-funded HYDRALAB IV (HYDRALAB IV More than water; dealing with the complex interaction of water with environmental elements, sediment, structures and ice) project was established to further the work of the HYDRALAB network.

HYDRALAB IV expanded the HYDRALAB network to include 30 research organisations in 15 countries. The project's principal task was to coordinate access to a collection of research facilities and instruments across Europe.

To achieve this, the project developed a User Selection Procedure for optimal user access for European researchers. This ensured access for both experienced and early-stage researchers from across the EU.

The other major aspect of HYDRALAB IV was dissemination of information. This included information about HYDRALAB, the services it offers and research outcomes made possible by the network.

Through these activities, HYDRALAB IV has made it easier for European researchers to access the facilities they need to conduct high-impact water-related research.

last modification: 2015-11-24

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