Better policies to conserve biodiversity

The extinction of plants and animals can have devastating effects on the environment as well as on humans. An EU-funded project is exploring methods to conserve biodiversity in areas where species are threatened.

Climate change, natural hazards and human expansion strain the environment and negatively affect biodiversity-rich regions. Protecting this biodiversity requires coordinated EU-wide action.

The project NETBIOME-CSA (Strengthening European research cooperation for smart and sustainable management of tropical and subtropical biodiversity in outermost regions and overseas countries and territories) aims to improve research partnerships for biodiversity management and sustainable development on the borders and outlying regions of the EU. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness for the conservation of biodiversity in tropical and subtropical areas.

International and interdisciplinary groups have identified pressing challenges in environmental conservation and biodiversity management. These challenges formed the basis for an international conference, where experts discussed innovative ideas relating to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Several workshops have been held to address each of the four challenges, resulting in a planned work programme for each one. Lastly, NETBIOME-CSA produced a report underlining the socioeconomic value of biodiversity in subtropical and tropical regions through case studies.

NETBIOME-CSA has brought together researchers, government, businesses and civil society to improve biodiversity management. Improving policy and supporting sustainable development can have a long-term positive effect on conservation efforts.

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