Increasing maritime research capacity

Increasing innovation for the exploitation of maritime resources will enable the EU's maritime sector to benefit from global demand for resource-efficient technologies, systems and operations.

The aim of the 'Resource efficient maritime capacity' (REMCAP) project is to improve the resource efficiency of Europe's maritime resource exploitation activities. It will identify priority ‘Blue Growth’ markets and ensure that centres of research and engineering are fully engaged with business, finance providers and policymakers. This will encourage a growing capacity for innovation and solutions for maritime resource efficiency that is capable of competing in the global marketplace.

Project partners will build upon the earlier EMSAC project. Focused on marine science applications, the EMSAC initiative increased understanding of how marine regional research clusters can best stimulate capacity to supply growing marine markets.

The REMCAP consortium is bringing together world-class EU researchers to accelerate innovation, leading to sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors (so-called Blue Growth). It is also creating an evidence base to justify investment in these areas and target public and private sector funding.

Key infrastructure has been identified and an online database of relevant research projects and facilities created to help ensure past investment is fully utilised. Gaps in the provision of research activities and facilities will also be highlighted, which may become ‘Smart Specialisation’ areas for potential investment by regional or local authorities.

REMCAP is also showing how maritime clusters can improve by examining their strengths and weaknesses and assist in their access to finance. In addition, the project is highlighting the importance of cluster organisation, which can coordinate cluster activities and 'make things happen'. The initiative is therefore helping clusters share ideas on how they should operate, based on currently existing models.

The development and implementation of regional strategic plans will mean a growing need for building strong relationships between European maritime clusters. Therefore, REMCAP explored how this could be achieved in a sustainable way, including initiating the development of key strategic relationships outside of Europe. This will help to provide greater knowledge of and access to global markets.

Innovation capacity generated through REMCAP will help to support the implementation of future research and innovation programmes, while strengthening the specialist capabilities of each cluster region.

last modification: 2015-08-13

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