Environmental research in the Danube region

EU partners are developing a toolbox of instruments for use in environmental research in the Danube region. The effort will also benefit stakeholders and the local population.

The purpose of the DANCERS project is to develop new instruments and tools to support environmental research and encourage innovation in the Danube region. This region comprises the Danube Delta and the Black Sea. The instruments and tools will be based on the work of existing projects and cover different sources of private and public funding at the regional, national and European levels.

Researchers will carry out an assessment of what has been currently achieved in integrated river delta and sea management in the Danube region. They will build upon the latest achievements to design new solutions that will support knowledge transfer in this area.

To achieve this aim, DANCERS will bring together scientists, the business community and decision makers. This will help increase understanding of the links between the achievements, deliverables and results of the work performed.

The project's main outcome will be a toolbox of instruments, which will be used to develop a strategic research and innovation agenda suitable for the time horizon of 2020. It will also be used to create a detailed plan of the distribution of research infrastructures required across the Danube/Black Sea area.

In addition, an integrated educational programme (EDU) will be developed for all scholars, from infant school to postgraduate. It will also provide a developmental platform for researchers. Within the EDU there will be a dedicated section for training the local and business communities. This will be vital for improving knowledge transfer from project consortium to end users.

last modification: 2015-07-13

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