Viable hydrogen storage technology

Fuel cells could eventually power material-handling vehicles such as forklift trucks in the logistics sector. An EU-funded project is working on proving the market readiness of energy storage components.

The main idea behind the project 'Demonstration of new qualitative innovative concept of hydrogen out of wind turbine electricity' (DON QUICHOTE) is to replace the components of a hydrogen refuelling facility with more innovative and efficient ones. The generated hydrogen will stem from renewable zero-carbon resources and will be used to refuel mobile applications or feed a fuel cell connected to the grid.

So far, project members have completed the proton exchange membrane electrolyser stack that should increase hydrogen capacity in the refuelling infrastructure. The fuel cell rack design is complete. Furthermore, DON QUICHOTE has conducted feasibility tests on a novel hydrogen compressor system that is based on electrochemical compression.

Researchers have tested the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. Hydrogen for the fuel cell-powered forklifts will be produced using an alkaline electrolyser.

The role of hydrogen as a storage medium could greatly enhance the deployment of renewable energy sources and contribute to the EU's decarbonisation objectives. DON QUICHOTE outcomes should provide the necessary insight regarding the necessary technological developments and legislation to make positive business cases for hydrogen refuelling.

last modification: 2015-04-27 15:44:48

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