Transforming the energy supply chain

Europe is committed to becoming a highly energy-efficient, low-carbon economy by setting ambitious goals for climate and energy by 2020. An EU initiative is looking at ways to meet the growing demands in electricity production and consumption.

European distribution system operators (DSOs) are facing new challenges in operating, maintaining and developing an efficient power generation and distribution system. As electricity grids keep modernising, distribution networks require new rules of operation and a different architecture to ensure high power quality. The shift to smarter grids has become a necessity.

The EU-funded project 'Distributed intelligence for cost-effective and reliable distribution network operation' (DISCERN) has set out to provide reliable and cost-effective technological solutions to efficiently monitor and control distribution networks.

Even though workable solutions for grids exist, DSOs have the difficult task of finding the best balance in making a grid less expensive, yet safer and more reliable.

During the first reporting period, researchers assessed and compared technical solutions, as well as created use cases. They defined smart grid functionalities and sub-functionalities for testing technology options. They also developed key performance indicators for costs and benefits to compare optimal solutions and technological options.

The activities helped to develop a framework for the evaluation of solutions that can be reproduced in various European regions while taking into account local regulatory laws, environmental conditions and network restrictions. These actions will form the basis for the next phase of the project, which includes simulations and field tests.

DISCERN is helping to provide European DSOs with solutions that will one day enable consumers to monitor their electricity consumption while saving energy and money.

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